A Start-up. A Rock Band.

Every young and talented musician want to have his/her own rock band. This talented musician knows friends with different skills, people who can sing, write, play bass, drums and guitar. He/she suggests a dream, a vision: “Hey guys let’s put our our own band together and change rock history!” After a few moments of contemplating, friends understand that this is the challenge of their lifetimes.


The path of a successful band is long and hard. It needs endless hours of jam sessions, writing, rehearsals, new bands first gigs are free gigs in some dark corner of the local pub, but every band realizes that every new step is important leap to great success. They need people to understand them. They need people to listen their music and make them want it. It is not an easy task. Only time will tell if band was great success or  just fades away. But one thing is sure: all band members could say that they are professionals and they have had a hell lot of fun together!


As a CEO of Spreadsoft Oy I have realized as a rock band, a company cannot survive with only a one man. A successful company needs the band around it. A company is only a name for the group of people who do what they know best.  Every company needs talented players also. At Spreadsoft we have talented programmers as Arto Kilponen and Sebastian Laitila producing our expert services. Ilona, Tuomas and Pamela for marketing, business, selling and information. Me as a founder and CEO I try to be a manager of the band, I want to motivate and set targets for Spreadsoft.


Even as the Spreadsoft team have just started our path together, I see potential that I have not ever seen before. Like AC/DC, Beatles, Buddy Holly, Pink Floyd, and Rolling Stones, as well as revolutionaries like Apple, Microsoft and Google, I strongly believe that our name will make a mark  in history as another start-up company that started from Zeropoint to great success!

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5 Responses to A Start-up. A Rock Band.

  1. Great post Riku. Looking forward to more.

    Rock On Spreadsoft Oy!

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  3. juss1k says:

    Tuli mieleen, että oletko katsonut Riot On! leffan? Siitä saa revittyä loistavaa inspiraatiota kotimaisen softa-alan noususta ja tässä tapauksessa myös tuhosta, sekä kaikesta hauskasta mitä tapahtui sillä välillä.

    • Riku Räihä says:

      En ollut kuullukkaan kyseisestä leffasta aikasemmin, mutta otin nyt selvää ja vaikuttaa tosi kiinnostavalta 🙂

      Et oo näköjään hetkeen päivittäny omaa blogias vai ootko jatkanu jollai toisella teemalla toisaalla? Luin tota sun kansanedustajablogia viime keväällä.

      • juss1k says:

        Elänyt hiljaiseloa ton piratismin kanssa. VYY ja muu elämä onnistui pitämään kiitettävän kiireisenä koko syksyn, mutta yritän puhaltaa piraattiblogiin virtaa. Olisi myös tarkoitus jatkaa more moneyn kanssa ja kehittää siitä kansainvälisempi blogi. Joulukuussa innostuin ja onnistuin laajentamaan kirjoitusprojekteja englanninkielisille markkinoille.

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