Some time

If you dont have too much money to invest in your own company, you usually need to invest your time. I am university students and sometimes I feel that I can´t give enough time for Spreadsoft. It could be one lock for bigger succes, we dont invest enough time in our company.

Spreadsoft have huge potential because Excel, Acces and managment accounting in generally is so weak in other companies. Internet marketing is usually low cost or free but other side of coin is that in internet there is million other entrepreneur marketing their own things. Its great danger to drown in mass. Yes of course differentation is the big word but in reality its not as easy as you imagine.

Well traditional marketing and selling then.. Need a lot of time, my time and time of other members of Spreadsoft. I think the best way to start to grow up business from zeropoint is to choose somekind of compromise between this two (I know that somebody else would say that compromises never work 😀 ).

In Spreadsoft we have little bit different way of thinking. Arto´s opinion is that selling education services is “easy gate” to big profits. My opinion is that Excell Standarzation Services would be better. Anyway our goal is to market and sell both. And I have to splitt our recourses: Traditional methods to sell Education Services and Modern methods to sell Excell Standarzation Services.

The Pros and Cons:

+we will get experience about both methods
+we probably get both kind of deals
+bigger possibility to greater succes

-if share our resources do we have enough marketing/selling power?
-do we lost the focus if we try to do “everything” at once?

Big question:

Do shared recourses create bigger and stronger ensemble or do we lost our recourses for nothing? After all Education and Standarzation services are quite close to each other.

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