Know-How Expo

Today on Thursday, 24.11.2011, Spreadsoft-team: Riku (me), Arto and Sebastian take direction to Know-How Expo 2011 in Mustasaari with Artos Skoda. Our goal was to watch Expos supply and of course market Spreadsoft Excel-products and education services and create new contacts.


Our first Expo tour was very intresting experience. Meeting company personell in Expo is fun, it is efficient, there is nice atmosphere and all people (even everyone were silent finns :D) were talkative and enthusiastic. Our Spreadsoft-team got very good response on every booth and we got valuable contacts, mostly phonenumbers and names of IT-managers and we gave our first printed marketing poster.  We met personell from till exempel Vacon, Wärtsilä, Ruukki & Moventas.


My first impression is that we should do more tours to Expos. Expo is easy and fun place to meet new people, talk about business logic, IT-systems, plans and so on. We got one very nice idea from TEAK demonstrator to establish Excell education in Internet school via Silverlight based webpage.  We gave nice ideas till exempel to windturbine gear manufacturer Moventas to modernize their database technology.


The final word I can say that all Entrepreneurs should go to Expos and talk with other people. With three person team its easy to pitch up own ideas. If one of you is out of words there is still two others to continue.

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