Marketing Mix

Here is Spreadsofts iron wire version Marketing Mix according to legendary 4P´s. You are millionaire if you produce right product, to right market, on right time, with right price. Should be familiar for all MBA. students 😀


  1. Price


Spreadsoft Pricing is based in our customers benefit. If you will make a deal with us you could be 100% sure that the price is small compare to price.  We recommend monthly payments for stabile cash flow for us and better cash flow control for our customer but also one payment is possible.  Products are 100% Tailored to your needs and price as well. I could say our prices are somewhere around 1000e-30 000e depends size of project.


2.. Product


Actual Spreadsoft product is 100% Tailored Data Mining or Data Base services. With 100% Tailoring our customers could ensure that they have THE EXCLUSIVE COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE. For example prosessed data could come out of customers ERP-system. Products are running in our customer own IT-system or its also possible to use Cloud. Our products are named by Spread-tag, like SpreadCard,

Spreadsoft also offers Excell and Acces educationservices to Osterbothnia area in West Finland. Our education presentative is Finland´s most talented Excell Guru, Arto Kilponen.


  1. Promotion


As our marketing muscles are quite small we are doing pretty much Guerrilla Marketing. It means that we try to get effect big as possible with minimal resources. Way to do Guerilla Marketing are blogs, social media, visiting expos, Facebook, Google and LinkedIn commercials etc. Also e-mails and phone contacts have beed used sometimes.


  1. Placement


Spreadsoft product is sold after negociation, problem investigation and offer. All steps are possible to do in Internet with e-mail but also face-to-face and phone contacts are possible if needed. As we want to do our service 100% Tailored, we want to focus everyones precious time to develope superior quality services and reduce our customers expenses by using internet and wireless communication as much as possible.


We dont have official Marketing Mix description in use at Spreadsoft. Its view in my brain while I wrote this blog out 😀

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