The End of The Beginning

Year 2011 was exciting for me and whole Spreadsoft team. Launch of the new company is not easy as it sounds like. Year included lot of growing pains. How we should start? How to create webpage? How to start marketing and sales? How to catch right persons in right companies?

Year 2011 in nutshell

May – Registration of Spreadsoft ltd. in finnish company register

Summer months – Me I am doing memorable interrail trip in South- and East-Europe. Arto is finishing database order with Wärtsilä

August – I am back to Finlandand Vaasa, and development of Spreadsoft shall really begin. We start idea planning to grow up business and create webpages.

September – We found Ilona to help us. Webpage development is on and the first version is launched in

October – We found Silverlight and design specialist Sebastian Laitila who is also enthusiasctic about entrepreneuring. Sebastian join our team and take webpage project and change the design and turn it to Silverlight-based, animated and modern looking page. I also published The Original Entrepreneur  blog.

November – We make deal with DjSportCards and deliver Excel-based salesdatabase program there. Planning and creating webpage is continuing. Silverlight-based Spreadsoft-wegpage is published.  We also visited Know-How Expo and created contacts to Vaasa-area companies.

December – Last month and we all had a lot of rush with school exams and thesis.


Begin of 2012 feels good. We published totally new wegpage based on Silverlight, We started mapping of potential customers in Osterbothnia area and arranged promising business meetings. We also have some ideas of new technology based products to direct Spreadsoft more as tech start-up.  The year of Apocalypse will be intresting.


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