Spreadsoft´s Path to Highway (1/2): Webshop

We founded Spreadsoft mainly as Excel outsourcing but its more or less shrinking business. Inside company we have think about new paths for Spreadsoft to expand and focus.

We already have done work with webshopping with DjsSportCards and other market news proof our intuitions. Webshopping is megatrend and the biggest business in internet. It could be interesting and profitable path. Here some stats about it. Year 2010 only in Finland 5,4 million citizens spend 10 000 million euro in internet.

Market watch says that webshopping is already huge business and rapidly growin up. Small piece of markets only in Finland means huge amount of revenues. Big piece in Finland, in Scandinavia, in Europe or in the world means billions of euros.

Otherside of the coins is that there is already lots of big players around. But also if we think positive, there already exists lot of good ideas how to develop great webshop experience for customer. Of course success is never sure but is good to go there where money is already flowing.

The next blog will be about Project Kinetic that is pure tech start-up we are developing with our partner. I don’t say too much now but it will takes mall´s physical stores to 2010´s. Stay tuned!



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